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Response from the Petitions Committee
Petition to the European Parliament

Briefly we have been studying for the last ten years why cases of gross human rights violations were being rejected by the European Court of Human Rights (ECtHR); particularly as all procedural requirements were being met. More importantly, the facts of the case did not match the judgment given. You could be forgiven into thinking that you were looking at two different documents.

On investigation and later confirmed by the court officials themselves all applications since changes introduced early 1990, are decided on the basis of a secret report to which an applicant has no right. More importantly, we were also informed by the court that the European Court of Human Rights does not have to comply with the convention articles (European Convention of Human Rights - ECHR), particularly Articles 6 (i.e. fair and impartial hearing and 13 (i.e. right to effective remedy).

At the present moment, all matters pertaining to legislation are covered under Charter for Fundamental and Human Rights which is the most compressive charter for the protection of human rights of the EU citizen. This is exercised under the European Court of Justice and it is the most transparent Court and with no margin of appreciation.

Under the proposed draft treaty in the future, all matters relating to human rights will be dealt with by ECtHR under ECHR and no longer under the Charter of Fundamental and Human Rights but under the ECHR convention which is very narrow in scope and a very wide margin of appreciation. ECtHR does not operate in an open and transparent manner as only 5% of the cases are ever allowed to proceed. If this was allowed to proceed without safe guards being installed people living outside of the EU will have more human rights protection as opposed to EU citizens.

In short ECtHR lacks
transparency, consistency and accountability.

The Environmental Law Centre sincerely believes we cannot leave this legacy for future generations to rectify and hope you will support the petition and assist us in writing to your MEP and also to the EU Parliament.

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Response from the Petitions Committee

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Say NO to Fluoridation

The new Water Bill came before the House of Commons on 8 September 2003. It will force water companies to fluoridate when requested by Strategic Health Authorities. Fluoridation is ILLEGAL - it violates several EU Directives, EU Human Right Convention, Convention on Biomedicine and the UK Poisons Act 1972.

F luoridation contributes towards the ill health of the uk people. Clearly another violation of our human rights.

There has only ever been one properly conducted scientific study carried out in this country. The York report published in 2000 pointed to increased risk of dental fluorosis - the first visible sign of systemic poisoning. And, more importantly, it said that more research was needed to assess whether fluoridation posed any other risks to our health.

On 9th April 2003 Switzerland abandoned fluoridation after 41 years. Countries that have rejected fluoridation: Austria, Belgium, the Czech Republic, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Iceland, Italy, Luxembourg, the Netherlands, Norway, Portugal, Sweden and Switzerland. Only three still practise fluoridation—UK, Ireland, and Spain. The total population of countries where fluoridation takes place is 98.5 million. The total population of countries and regions that shun fluoridation is 286 million.

Removal of Freedom of Choice for the Individual
Inability to Control Exposure to Fluoridated Water
Inability to Filter Fluoride from Homeowners Water Systems
Controlled Exposure from Other Sources

Long-term Human Health Impact:
Fluoride is linked to skeletal and dental fluorosis, Alzheimer's, causes kidney damage, is a carcinogen (cancers of lips, cheeks, throats, livers, and bones), causes genetic damage, neurological impairment, and bone pathology. It causes headaches, dryness in the throat, the need to urinate, aches and stiffness, muscle weakness, depression, skin rashes, and itching after showers.

This public health fraud will result only in increased misery. Not only will fluoridation not reduce the dental care costs, it will exponentially increase the fluorotic damage to people.

Please SUPPORT the campaign against fluoridation by adding your name to this petition by sending an email and WRITE TO YOUR MP IMMEDIATELY, asking him/her to REJECT the Water Bill.


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