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The Environmental Law Centre is a Registered Charity that specialises in helping to protect your Human Rights on issues that concern Health and the Environment.

Here you'll find legal help supporting you against environmental injustices and human rights violations through ELC's Programme, HELP to provide health, environmental and legal information to people.

ELC came into existence following the personal experiences of its founders either as victims or living with people who have suffered or suffer with Environmental Illnesses as a result of chemical exposures. ELC is built on a belief that no one should be denied access to justice for lack of means.

If you have been unfortunate to have been exposed to chemicals, other environmental pollutants and consumer products you will need immediate assistance in knowing how to respond to the exposure. Many people end up feeling isolated, confused and distressed but at ELC we care and understand and we will do our best to help and will provide you with assistance in complete confidence.

ELC has in-house experts who help individuals and community groups to seek justice and redress against the adverse health impacts of environmental pollution; and as such our projects are aimed at seeking remedy against these. This includes bringing fundamental environmental and Human Rights issues to the Court of Human Rights and European Parliament once national court processes have been exhausted. ELC can assist you through the legal maze and hurdles.

Through our programme of HELP we aim to implement our mission which is simple - to develop ELC into a One-Stop Advice and Assistance Centre that will tackle Health, Environmental and Human Rights violations for the benefit of all.

Health - you have a right to have your health protected.
Environment - you have a right to an environment free of pollution.
Law - you have a right to justice and redress.
People - you have the right to live and enjoy in peace the Environment around you.

No matter who you are or what you do, whatever your aspirations, whatever your skills, we can all make a real difference to people's lives, health and a better environment by volunteering. Please make a contribution.

Invariably, it is not until you have been a victim of exposure to chemicals or other environmental pollutants that you realise that such cases are personal, time consuming, complex and expensive requiring help from highly specialised experts with multidisciplinary skills and knowledge. Sadly, it is a matter of routine for local, national and international governments, the civil service, the judiciary, businesses and multinationals to overlook, misuse and abuse their powers and position, particularly as there is little in the way of accountability and transparency. As a result follows problems of long and often very expensive legal processes in order to establish liability and damages—adding further anxiety and stress to the already bewildered victims.

Problems faced by victims of environmental pollution:

Lack of information about legal rights
Lack of knowledge what can and must be done immediately after an exposure
Lack of financial assistance
Lack of access to quality and affordable experts
Lack of compassion and understanding by others
Lack of national representative body




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