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The Environmental Law Centre is able to offer the following services under its programmes of HELP (Health Environment Law for People). Consequently we have a growing number of services in identified areas of training, environment, law, IT, fundraising and document checking.

Environmental Services

Project Management servcies
Complete or partial project management including: initial assessment: recommendations and costing of the remedial measures: design: supervision of practical work: post-project assessment: expert witness capabilities.

Sampling / Analysis services
sampling of gaseous, liquid and solid materials; chemical analysis of samples for a wide variety of hazardous pollutants; biological and microbiological analysis; interpretation of results and advice/recommendations.

Environmental Impact Assessment service
Review and evaluate proposed developments; assessment of legislation and planning; baseline surveys; identification of impacts during construction and operation; impact appraisal and formulation of alleviatory measures; preparation of EIA statements.

Planning service
Land studies, to identify potential development sites; give advice at policy level for the development of environmental assessment within Structure and Local Plans; liaise with local authority to ascertain existing policy and land designations relating to potential development sites; provide assessment of land take and severance on development land, community and designated land; provide expert witnesses at Public Inquiry.

Ecology service
Identification and evaluation of designated statutory and non statutory sites of ecological importance; liaise with statutory, voluntary and local interest organisations; provide identification and evaluation of mitigation and monitoring measures; provide expert witnesses at Public Inquiry.

Environmental Audit service
Pre-acquisition studies; audit of former activities; materials, process and waste auditing; hazard/risk assessment; waste minimisation; cost evaluation of waste management; advice on implications of legislation; the audit of functions and processes with respect to both impacts and legislation; assessment of risk and potential impacts resulting from existing practices and industrial processes; assessment legal expertise; advice on practical and cost effective improvements to existing procedure.

Air Pollution service
Ambient air monitoring and baseline surveys; stack emission monitoring for organic & inorganic effluents; onsite monitoring of existing air quality; assessment of existing and predicted quality levels in relation to air standards; forecasting of pollution levels
mitigation proposals.

Contaminated Land service
Preliminary investigations and survey work; soil etc analysis and interpretation; Leachate analysis; formulation, costing and supervision of remedial work; desk based assessment of potential contamination; onsite investigation of soil and water contamination, including landfill gas generation and migration, liaison with all relevant local authorities, monitoring procedures and health and safety matters, advice on design and installation of remedial and protective measures.

Hazardous and Industrial Waste servcie
Chemical analysis and toxicity testing; risk and safety assessment; assessment of disposal options; evaluation of storage and treatment processes; cost evaluation of waste; management strategies; advice on implications of legislation.

Landfill Gas service
Gas sampling in landfill, topsoil etc and analysis; hazard assessment and evaluation of control requirements.

Water Quality / Industrial Effluent service
Water quality and effluent monitoring and assessment; assessment of waste discharge impact; groundwater investigations; liaison with the Water Regulatory Authorities to determine existing water quality, flood plain capacity; identification of areas vulnerable to hydrological change; assessment of potential impacts of development on quality; assessment of potential increased risk of flooding; mitigation proposals.

Waste Minimisation service
Treatment methodology; preparation of strategy at regional or local level; development of standards; landfill and incinerator sites; monitoring systems.

Law - contact us for more information

Human Rights
Preparation of application for cases to European Court of Human Rights or other Human Rights Bodies; protecting your human rights when dealing with local government and national agencies.



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